I have an equilibrium in my body and in my life... I feel in Harmony

Discover the benefits of Kinesiology and complementary techniques such as Sophrology, Reiki, LaHoChi and different methods of relaxation and massage, in a welcoming setting with qualified professionals.

Kinesiology and energetic healing practice

For what ?

  • adultesDifficulties in reading, writing, spelling, calculation, memory, comprehension, attention, communication, adaptation. Problems of concentration, being successful in exams, interviews…
  • Treating physical ailments and imbalances, relieving tension, chronic pain, sleep disorders, weight problems…
  • Helphing to deal with paintful events such as bereavement, divorce, separation, relocation, job loss or a change of position…
  • Disruption of daily life, anxiety, fears, addiction, phobia, burn-out, professional or personal conflicts, sexuality issues, stress, difficult relationships, shyness, behavioural disorders, anger, depression, self-confidence, self-esteem and managing emotions.
  • For sportsmen and -women helping to recover balance, suppleness, easing muscle blockages…

For whom ?

tout publicOur services are adapted to all ages, from children to adults.

Very young children or babies will be accompanied by a parent.

There are no contraindications for pregnant women.


Throughout kine yogathe year we will propose different workshops to allow you to practise new techniques at home, simple and fun movements which will help to boost your energy, relax your muscles, and release tension.

We will seek to adapt our offer to meet your wishes and needs, so that we create for you a privileged moment of exchange and discovery in this haven of well-being.

To find out more about our services please visit our website and contact us if you have any question …